Diving into selling crafts, while FUN, can cause your bank account to cry! Especially when you’re unsure of what will take off in your particular market. Mock-ups are a great way to create a visual of a product that will give your customers a sense of what to expect. Mock-ups give you the freedom to test out products without having to sit on inventory which ultimately costs you money.

If you are just starting out and money is tight, you can use the mock-ups shown below to help build your arsenal! They come with commercial use, meaning that you ARE allowed to use them in your business to help sell your product. Most mock-ups allow you to pull in a PNG image and place it over the mock-up – at which point you can save it and use it to showcase what you offer. If you are needing some additional freebies, be sure to also check out this post here that contains tons of sites where you can get FREE SVG files and this one here for fonts!

*Disclaimer, some of the following links may be affiliate links. They do not cost you anything extra, they give me a small portion of anything you buy as a thank you. I don’t make enough to drive a Lambo, BUT I can splurge at the dollar tree on an extra craft item.

FREE Stemless Wine Glass Mock-up

Click here to get this Stemless Wine Glass mock-up

Burgess Family Craft has a WIDE variety of great mock-ups for all occasions. Their props and backgrounds always set them apart from the rest. I am including a few more of their freebies in this blog, but you can always browse their ENTIRE site by visiting this link here.

FREE Coffee Mug Mock-up

You can grab this mockup by visiting the link here.

Cuddle Bunnie Studio not only handles mockups but be she also created that adorable (and overworked) caffeinated unicorn. She sells that clipart unicorn and moreover on her DB shop. Be sure to visit this link if you want to see more of her work.

FREE Coffee Bean Mock-up

Grab this freebie using the link here.

Didn’t I tell you that Burgess Family Craft has a lot of mocks?! DesignBundles has a WIDE variety of them available including the kitchen sign below in their freebie section, but you can always browse their ENTIRE site by visiting this link here.

FREE Kitchen Sign Mock-up

Another awesome freebie from Burgess Family Craft.

FREE Sign Mock-up

Perfect sign file for weddings or love quotes!

Really guys, I can not say enough good things about Burgess. They have offered us so many great freebies. Please take advantage of these offers and be sure to check out their DB shop and look at their amazing bundles!

FREE Shirt Mock-up

You can download this heather grey t-shirt design by checking out this link here.

FREE Wall Art Mock-up

If you are big into printable wall art, you won’t want to miss this freebie!

Keep in mind that many sites and artists offer freebies in some way. If you find a mock-up creator that you LOVE, try and follow them on Facebook. It not only boosts their confidence but it’ll also give you a heads up to know when they have a deal! With that said, what was YOUR favorite from this list? Leave it in the comments below!
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