A Guide to Creating Pioneer Woman Stickers Using Canva

My parents recently moved and a new home comes with new decor and themes. Just ask my wonderful mom who changed up her entire style while she unpacked! My mom is a lady who LOVES to theme out rooms and for her new house, her new kitchen, she went all out in the Pioneer Woman. If you don’t know what that is, it’s bright, colorful, floral patterns that scream cute little modern country kitchen. This tutorial can help you creating Pioneer Woman Inspired Stickers for your house.
My mom is a massive fan of weekend yard-sales so that combined with actual shopping, she has managed to form the ultimate Pioneer-Woman-style kitchen. From the bread box to the toaster, everything fits the theme. Everything that is, but one item – The KitchenAid stand mixer!
Now, normally my mom is an impatient woman so buying a new mixer was a real possibility until she saw the price. However, my dad loves her to pieces so anything that makes her happy is bound to happen. In order to help save my dad’s wallet and my mom from ditching a perfectly good mixer for a bright and shiny new model, I went searching through my purchase history on DB to find the perfect stickers to upgrade her mixer from boring standard white to AMAZING using the Pioneer-Woman-style stickers!
If videos are more your speed, be sure to check out the Youtube Channel.
If you want to follow along using exactly what I have, you can grab the Fiesta set clip art designs to below using this afl link here.

Materials Needed to Create Pioneer Woman Stickers:

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  1. Above Clipart Design
  2. Cricut Machine (or equivalent)
  3. Glossy Vinyl Paper

Step 1 – Open Canva Design

I am telling you if you have not gone to Canva and poked around, you literally are doing yourself a disservice! Stop now and go look. If you didn’t see my last Canva tutorial, you need to check it out because we are using the sticker setup technique in this tutorial.

Step 2 – Set Up Your Document

If you are new to creating stickers with Cricut print and cut, Cricut limits us on the size that we have available. Their Print and Cut settings will only allow us to create projects within a 9.25 x 6.75 scale (or 6.75 by 9.25) You do you boo! Set up your width and height using either one and tap “create a new design”. Be sure you are using in for inches and not the default pixels (px).

Step 3 – Change Your Canvas Color

By default, canva creates a white background. We want to change our background color so that we can pull the color easier once we upload these sheets into Cricut Design Space. You can do that by tapping that colorful box towards the top left. I chose a light grey color to make things easier.

Step 4 – Upload Your Images

Now that our Canvas is created, you will want to import your clip art files. Make sure to unzip your design to get full access to the files and since we are working on cutting down the time it takes to create projects, DRAG everything from that folder directly on the canvas. I mean you can use the uploads button on the left of the screen, but I love dragging things in.

Step 5 – Add Them to Your Canvas

Once you have your designs uploaded, you will see them pop up in the panel on the left side and / or on your canvas. If you don’t see them on your canvas, click them from the left and they will populate. Start moving your pieces one by one so we can adjust the empty space around the designs. You can adjust that by selecting the sticker design and dragging the “hotdog” handles around the design itself. The circles will change the OVERALL size of your design.
Be careful not to get the designs too close as we will be adding an offset inside of Cricut Design Space, so make sure you have enough room to account for that.

Step 6 – Download

Once your setup is roughly how you want it, we want to download the sheet by selecting the download in the top right corner. Select “PNG”.

Step 7 – Upload

Now that our design is downloaded, it’s time to upload the sheet into Cricut Design space. Select “complex” and hit continue.

Step 8 – Erase the Background

The next screen in the Cricut process should ask you about erasing. In order to do this, we want to make sure to ONLY select the canvas background color from earlier. Doing so will remove it, allowing us to save clean-cut stickers. 🙂  Click continue and USE THOSE TAGS! 

I can not stress this enough. As tempting as it is to just hit continue, because “I’ll find it later” DON’T! You will not find it later and you will hate life. LOL. Use those tags. This is not optional. Okay, it is, but seriously, learn from my mistake! The image name is useless. The tags are where it’s at. Use those tags so when you need to search for this later, it will be easier to find it.

Step 9 – Create an offset

Now that we have our design inside of Cricut Design Space, we can move onto creating an offset using Cricuts feature – “offset”. I do want to note that I created a dark background so that you can see what I am doing. You DO NOT need to do that. I just wanted to make it clear what is going on behind the design. Now that we have this ready, we want to select the floral design layer and the offset button should become an option.
By default, Cricut populates an offset. As you can see, it is far too big for our stickers. You can change this by dragging the button towards the center line. I picked an offset of .1 as a good base for my stickers based on the area I had to work with. You may want to go with a different size depending on how you worked out your stickers.

The offset has now been created (black background behind the design). 

With the offset ultimately set up to become out outline for our stickers, I am going to change the background from black to white by selecting the layer and hitting that box next to the “operation” to change the color. As you can see, the stickers have created holes where the clipart has spaces in between. We don’t want those cut out, so we are going to fill them. To do this, we are going to change the operation of our offset layer from print then cut to a cut basic. By doing this, we have unlocked the “countour” feature in Design Space.

Step 10 : Contouring

Select our white sticker offset, and in the bottom right corner of your screen, you will see “contour” Select that, and a popup window will appear allowing you to select certain aspects of the design and hide them. (See below).

We are going to select the inner pieces because we want the machine to cut the outline only. Apply these settings and we can exit out of this screen and the white offset will change.

Step 11 : Flatten

We are finally ready to move on but first we need to flatten our sticker design. That will convert our cut offset back to a print and cut. Select both layers, right click, and select flatten.

Step 12: Print Settings

When we select “make it” in the top right corner, we are throw into the screen below. Send this set up to the printer, but first, you want to make sure you are printing in the best quality. When you hit “Send to printer” a diaolog box will appear. Make sure you use your correct printer and tap the radio button that says “use system dialog”. This will give you access to your printer settings.
The printer settings that I need using the vinyl paper I have request Premium Glossy. Make sure you are selecting the appropiate paper settings. Your printer may ask you to confirm.

Step 13: Cut Settings

I wanted these stickers to pull out easily. I selected poster board, but you don’t have to. The thicker the material you say you have, the deeper the blade will cut.
Once you hit okay and print, the sticker sheet will come out with the black outline. Because this vinyl sticker paper is glossy, I needed to take a wax melt (a candle will do just fine as well) and rub the wax on the black outline so that the Cricut Machine will read the black border design.
Once they are cut out, you are left with super cute – very much so – Pioneer woman inspired stickers! I can’t wait to give these to my mom at our dinner on Sunday. What do you guys think? What are other items you would “Pioneer Woman”?

– xo Ashley

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this tutorial.  I hope you found some value in it and it would help you creating pioneer woman stickers for your own. Don’t forget to pin this post so that your crafty friends can find us also. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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