This entire journey started with my best friend telling me that a local thrift store has a Cricut machine on sale. I wanted to navigate away from my current job as I felt “creatively stuck”. As my side hustle grew and pivoted many times in a few short weeks, I knew I needed to create some type of name because what I had was not going to cut it. I landed on “AMCX Studio” (Ashley McDonald Creative eXpressions).
A mouth full, yes, but I was still so unsure of myself. Eventually, things took off to a point that I could not even imagine – and the rest is history!

If you are new to the craft world: “Welcome Bestie!”

Our tutorial posts will help guide you through using your new craft machine. Be sure to check out our resource center where you can find the exact products that I use to make my handmade business run. If you are looking to dig a little deeper, you can take a peek at our Biz 101 blog for more tools to help you run your Etsy shop like the creative CRAFT BOSS you are! I am not your typical coach because we all learn a little differently. I will tell you what I did, fails and all.


Made With Love

As a stay-at-home mom & Etsy shop owner, I know that you need files that are ready to download and simply work. I put my all into making sure that our files are FUN-ctional and cute. I always challenge myself to try something new and keep up with the latest crafty craze, so you can rest assured that our inventory will be fresh.